color correction artist

My motto:
“Hair colour is more than a science, it’s an Art”

If your hair color had damaged, don’t worry about it

I can make correction, just feel free contact me. My phone is +972 502281 483. Call me or send message now!

You are awesome - Don't cover your beauty

Who am I?

I’m Peter Ferenczi, colour correction Artist. For me there is no word impossible in the hair colouring and haircut process. My motto: "Hair colour is more than a science, it’s an Art." European trained and standards, ten years of professional experience. I working in Tel Aviv downtown, Israel.

What am I doing?

I can correct your haircut and your spoiled hair dye. Everything can be improved, and I know how to. You can see in my portfolio and testimonials below what I do in my services. And if to speak simply - I’m making a result, whatever it is.

Portfolio - My work

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"Thanks to this group I came across Peter Aron Ferenczi hairstylist. Yesterday I had a hair treatment, cut and highlights, and came out feeling fabous. Peter was great fun and made my appointment a treat! Make sure to check out his site and wonderful work פטר פרנצי עיצוב שיער - Ferenczi Hairstyle"


"Highly recommend hair colour and cut by Peter he is super sweet professional and gave me best colour and haircut ever worth the shlapp to tel aviv and lack of parking"


"Thanks a lot Peter Aron Ferenczi u made amazing job… From pink to silver.. Dyeing 1 time… Didn’t have to waste my time trying to dye again and again… I’m super happy… Girls if you have some color issue just looking for this guy… He is a genius"


"After one year and 9 months in Israel I can say that I’ve found the best hairdresser. Not just a hairdresser but a very professional, enthusiastic and cool guy! I highly recommend him.

If you want a new look just make an appointment, listen to his suggestions and trust on him.

PZAZA!!! Loved it Péter Áron Ferenczi thank you so much!"


"I believe I’ve found the best hairdresser (Peter Ferenczi) in Tel Aviv! I highly recommend him. He is very professional and enthusiastic as well. He doesn”t mind spending time for the great outcome! In his vocabulary the word “impossible” doesn”t exist at all.

If you wish to have a noww outlook or just your dream style become true, just make an appointment as soon as possible.

Make sure to check out his Facebook site and work: פטר פרנצי עיצוב שיער - Ferenczi Hairstyle "